The History Museum of Yerevan

Visiting the History Museum of Yerevan one can gain access to the depths of antiquity, admire the streets of old Yerevan, find himself in the apartment of a hospitable inhabitant of Yerevan of the 19th century, as well as, get involved in the modern developments of the old city.

1/1 Argishti Str.
+37410 568 185
History Museum of Armenia

The mission of the History Museum of Armenia is to preserve, replenish, study and publicize the Museum objects and collections, which represent the history and culture of Armenia and the Armenian people.

4 Republic Square
+37455 520 691, +37411 547 363
"Mother Armenia" Museum of Military History of the RA Ministry of Defense

The exhibition of the museum consists of two main parts: The participation of the Armenian people in the World War II and Artsakh Liberation War.

Victory (Haghtanak) Park
+37410 251 400
"Erebuni" Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve

This museum was established in 1968, on the 2750th anniversary of Yerevan’s foundation. About 20 thousand archeological exhibits are displayed here.

38 Erebuni Str.
+37410 432 661
Museum-Institute of Armenian Genocide

The mission of the museum-institute is to contribute to the academic and scientific research and analysis of the issues related to the first genocide of the 20th century, as well as to contribute to the international community's fight against xenophobia through the display of textual and visual material.

8/8 Tsitsernakaberd highway
+37410 390 981
National Art Gallery of Armenia

The National Gallery of Armenia collection comprises around 26 thousand artworks: oil paintings, sculptures, graphics and decorative applied arts.

1 Arami Str.
+37410 580 812
Cafesjian center for the arts

The Cafesjian Center for the Arts (CCA) is dedicated to bringing the best of contemporary art to Armenia and presenting the best of Armenian culture to the world.

10 Al. Tamanyna Str.
+37410 567 262
Yerevan Museum of Modern Art

The museum offers its visitors excursions in different languages, introducing guests to contemporary Armenian art.

7 M.Mashtots Ave.
+37410 535567
Aram Khachaturian house-museum

There is a rich library of records in the house-museum – about 2,500 CDs with records of classic and contemporary music. A workshop for the restoration of string instruments is functioning right inside. The museum also includes a National collection of unique musical instruments.

3 Zarobyan Str.
+37410 589 418

Discover a wonderful world where history intertwines with modernity, tradition — with innovations, generosity of the land — with creative passion of masters.

2, Admiral Isakov ave.
+37410 510 100
Museum of literature and art after Yeghishe Charents

The samples of Armenian literature from Sayat Nova up to contemporary period and the manuscrtipts, letters of art devotees, photos, playbills, phonograms, sculptures, paintings, personal libraries, musical instruments-all these samples are united in the museum.

1 Arami Str.
+37410 563 641
Hovhannes Sharambeyan centre of popular creation

The Museum is a unique hearth of national culture. Its mission is the preservation and popularization of tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

64 Abovyan Str.
+37410 569 380, +37410 569 383
Sergey Parajanov House-Museum

Sergey Parajanov was a Soviet Armenian film director, screenwriter and artist who made seminal contribution to world cinema with his films Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors and The Color of Pomegranates. Parajanov is widely regarded as one of the most influential filmmakers of his time in cinema history.

15, 16 Dzoragiugh, Ethno. district
+374 10 538 473, +374 10 539 224
Hovhannes Tumanyan Museum

The month of April in 1953 marked the opening of the museum dedicated to renowned prominent Armenian thinker, writer, poet, fabulist and humanist Hovhannes Tumanian.

40 Moskovyan str.
+37410 560 021, +37410 516021
Yeghishe Charents house-museum

It is the center studying the poet's life, his literature and culture, public and political activity.

17 M.Mashtots Ave.
+37410 531 412, +37433 531 412
Fridtjof Nansen Museum

The memorial complex consists of about 30 monuments dedicated to the heroic and tragic pages of the history of Armenian people, eminent Armenians and friends of Armenian nation.

4/4 F. Nansen Str.
+37496 000 813
Karen Demirchyan Museum

The Yerevan Metro, the Sports and Concert Complex, Yerevan School №139 are named after Karen Demirchyan.

7 Gh. Parpetsi Str.
+37410 531 710, +37410 535 521
Henrik Igityan National Centre for Aesthetics

Education for children and youth in fine arts, performing arts, as well as in music.

13 Abovyan street
+37460 833 383
Museum of Russian Art

Тhe museum was established in 1984. Professor A. Abrahamyan's collection represents the best period in the history of Russian art.

38 Isahakyan St
+37410 560 331
Komitas Museum-Institute

Komitas museum-institute is dedicated to the life and work of the great Armenian composer and to collecting and preserving the creative heritage.

28 Arshakunyats Avenue
+37411 570 570
State Museum of Nature of Armenia

The museum reflects the unique natural complex of Armenia, the diversity of nature.

34 Tigran Mets ave.
+37411 527 942
Martiros Sarian House-Museum

The house-museum of the great Armenian painter Martiros Saryan (1880-1972) was opened in Yerevan in 1967, during the artist's lifetime.

3 M.Saryan Str.
+37410 580 568
House-Museum of Avetik Isahakian

The opening of the Yerevan house-museum of Armenian poet, prose writer, translator, literary and public figure Avetik Isahakian took place on October 31, 1963.

20 Zarobyan Str.
+37410 562 424
Alexander Spendiaryan House-Museum

Alexander Spendiaryan- a famous music composer, conductor and the founder of symphony music in Armenia. The musical heritage left by him is rich in new artistic concepts, diversity of genres and quite expressive means.

21 Nalbandyan street
+37410 521 299
Ervand Kochar Museum

The museum is an important center for the study and promotion of the historical avant-garde in the region.

39/12, Ave. M. Mashtots
+37410 529 326
Hakob Kojoyan and Ara Sargsyan House-Museum

The joint house-museum of the Armenian artist Hakob Kojoyan and the Armenian sculptor, founder of the Union of Artists of Yerevan (1932) and its first president Ara Sargsyan is one of the branches of the National Gallery of Armenia, which was opened in 1973.

70 Al. Pushkin Str.
+37410 561 160
Geological Museum after H. Karapetyan

About 4500 personal samples of Hovhannes Karapetyan served as a basis for the creation of the museum.

24A M. Baghramyan Ave.
+37410 524 426
National Museum-Institute of Architecture after Alexander Tamanyan

Alexander Tamanyan is an Armenian and Soviet architect, author of the general plan of the city of Yerevan and buildings in Yerevan, St. Petersburg and Moscow, People's Architect of the Armenian USSR (1926).

Government House 3
+37410 524 630
Derenik Demirchyan House-Museum

Derenik Demirchyan House-Museum, a branch of the Museum of Literature and Art, has 670 main and about the same amount of scientific subsidiary objects which present the long-standing creative life of the writer.

29 Abovyan str. apt. 4
+37410 527 774
Silva Kaputikyan House-Museum

S. Kaputikyan's House-Museum was established to diffuse cultural, scientific and educational activities.

Kaputikyan street, 1st building, apt. 26
+37410 520 930
Studio-museum of Giotto (Gevorg Grigorian)

The studio-museum presents the artist's creative heritage, manuscript materials and personal belongings.

45a Mashtots ave.
+37410 580 179
Near East Museum

The museum was created based on a collection donated by painter and collector Marcos Grigoryan.

1 Arami Str.
+37410 563 641
Khachatur Abovyan House-Museum

Khachatur Abovyan – an eminent Armenian writer and national public figure of the early 19th century.

Kanaker, 2nd St., 4 House
+37410 281 687
Armenian Railways Museum

The Railway Museum in Yerevan was opened on 31 July 2009, in the building of Yerevan railway station.

86 Tigran Mets Ave
+37499 400 128
Cultural center "Hay art"

The center was founded in 1996-1998.

7a Mashtotsi Ave.
+37410 539 196
Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art (ACCEA)

The cultural center has been working since 1992.

1/3 P. Buzand str.
+37499 568 225
''Edvard Isabekyan'' Gallery

Eduard Isabekyan was an Armenian painter, founder of thematic compositional genre in Armenia.

7a Mashtots ave.
+37410 500 567
Lusine Zakaryan House-Museum

Spiritual Music Center

Yeznik Koghbatsu St., 42/3 building
''Little Einstein'' Science Museum

The museum was opened in 2016.

Holy Abgar King Str. 38
+37498 316 789
''Happium'' Museum

A modern museum where entertainment and culture meet.

19 Vagharshyan Str.
+37499 538 080
Art Embassy

It has a gallery, an art school, and artist studios.

28 Sayat-Nova Ave.
+37494 715 100
''Aguletsi'' Museum and Art Café

Armenian painter, ethnographer, and Honored Cultural Worker of Armenia

79 Muratsan Str.
+37455 024 424
Charles Aznavour House-Museum

Charles Aznavour, a famous French-Armenian singer, composer, actor, and diplomat, was a unique figure in the world of music.

192 Verin Antarayin Str.
9 Argishti Str.
+37477 036 311