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''Little Einstein'' Science Museum

The museum was opened in 2016.

''Little Einstein'' Science Museum is an interactive science museum in Yerevan that incorporates 25 exhibits of different scientific areas such as electricitymagnetismopticsphysicsmechanicsnatural sciences, etc. The exhibits were brought from Russia and China. 

The museum is for children aged seven or higher. Since the time of its inauguration in 2016, the founders of the museum have organized interactive show programs and established science centers. Here the children have been able to learn about different sciences through games and experiments as well as write scientific pieces. These exhibits have practical use both in scientific areas and on a daily basis. They are envisaged for the children to be able to touch different physical phenomena while learning about them.

A 32-kilogram sphere can be lifted in the museum with the help of "Archimedes' lever".

Holy Abgar King Str. 38
+37498 316 789