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Museum-Institute of Armenian Genocide

The mission of the museum-institute is to contribute to the academic and scientific research and analysis of the issues related to the first genocide of the 20th century, as well as to contribute to the international community's fight against xenophobia through the display of textual and visual material.

The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute was opened in 1995. The building of the museum was designed in accordance with the project of architects S. Kalashyan, A.Tarkhanyan, sculptor F. Arakelyan.

The museum provides excursions in Armenian, Russian, English, French.

Throughout its history the museum hosted a great number of visitors, including schoolchildren and local and foreign students. Visiting the museum is a part of protocol events of the delegations arriving in Armenia with official visits, and therefore, many eminent foreign guests have already visited the museum.

The first floor of the museum is partly underground and the administrative, engineering and technical services, as well as the Conference Hall after Komitas provided for 170 persons are located there. Here are the storage areas for scientific and museum samples, a library, a reading hall. The museum exposition occupies the second floor and has the area of 1000 sq m.


  • Finding, studying and presenting visual and textual materials, including artifacts related to the life of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire before and during the Genocide.
  • Development of more effective cooperation between organizations that are all over the world involved in the process of studying the genocide, in particular the Armenian genocide.
  • Creation and development of an academic school of genocidology in the Republic of Armenia.
  • Awareness raising in the world about the first genocide of the 20th century, characterized as a “crime against humanity”.
  • Collection of archival materials on the Armenian Genocide from different archives and libraries throughout the world to make the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute a center for research for the Armenian Genocide.


Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 - 16: 00

Monday: Closed

Admission is free.


Armenian - 2000 AMD

Foreign languages - 4000 AMD

8/8 Tsitsernakaberd highway
+37410 390 981