St. Gregory the Illuminator church

The cathedral was build on the occasion of the 1700th anniversary of Christianity as a state religion of Armenia at the suggestion of Archbishop Garegin Nersissian to His Holiness Vazgen I.

Yervand Kochar Street
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St. John the Baptist Church

The Church is located in the Kond district, which is the part of a hillside in the center of Yerevan. The church was built in the early 18th century.

St. Hovhannes Street
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Saint Sarkis Church (Cathedral)

Saint Sarkis is considered one of the favorite saints of Armenians. The church operates in the center of Yerevan, and is the leading church in the Araratian Pontifical Diocese.

21 R.Israyelyan Street
+37410 585 713
Zoravor Sourb Astvatsatsin Church

Zoravor Sourb Astvatsatsin Church (Saint the Blessed Virgin "Powerful" Church) is one of the oldest churches in Yerevan which is situated in the center of the city. It is the typical shrine of Yerevan architecture of the 17th century.

9 Gh.Parpetsi Street
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Saint the Blessed Virgin (Katoghike church)

Medieval church in Yerevan, in the Kentron district at the intersection of Sayat-Nova avenue and Abovyan street.

17 Kh. Abovyan Street
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Kanaker, Sourb Hakob (St. James) Church

Sourb Hakob Church was built in 1695 in honour of St. Jacob of Nisibis patriarch (the 4th century), who was among the Armenian apostolic saints.

Kanaker 6th street
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Kanaker 6th street
Noragavit 9th street
Armenak Armenakyan str.
Marshal Khudyakov street, 2nd lane
Nerkin Charbakh 2nd street
The Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque is the only Muslim prayer house in Yerevan. The establishment was built in 1766 with the initiative of Khan Hussein.

12 Mesrop Mashtots Ave.
+37410 522 193
Church of the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God

Тhe main cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church in Armenia

68 Zakaria Kanakertsi st.
+37410 284 212