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''Aguletsi'' Museum and Art Café

Armenian painter, ethnographer, and Honored Cultural Worker of Armenia

Lusik Aguletsi, a  well-known artist, cultural figure, and collector, along with her husband, sculptor Yuri Samvelyan, transformed their family home into a unique cultural hub where everyone feels at home. Early on, Lusik Aguletsi had the idea to turn their home into a museum, that would warmly receive visitors. Students, local art lovers, and visitors from around the world came to the museum and enjoyed the warm hospitality.

In 2013, they established the "Aguletsi" Ethnographic, Cultural, Creative, and Educational Foundation, which continued to welcome guests. Later, in 2019, they officially opened the "Aguletsi" House-Museum and Art Café.

Lusik Aguletsi's collection is a remarkable blend of diverse cultures and historical periods.  The museum showcases exhibits representing the cultural heritage of Armenians and various peoples from different regions, reflecting their daily lives. Remarkably, all artifacts were sourced from Armenian families, illustrating Lusik Aguletsi's commitment to preserving and revitalizing cultural gems.

Throughout the years, Lusik Aguletsi saved and restored many cultural objects, like old items, furniture, pottery, carpets, books, and jewelry, ensuring they were not forgotten. She also helped establish a culture of traditional costumes, building an extensive collection that reflects the festive cultures, something very special in Armenia.

The exhibition titled "Generations" holds great value, presenting five generations of creators within the family. This was the inspiration for transforming their residence into a beloved museum.

The museum attracts a wide audience, including schoolchildren, students, and foreign visitors, who participate in masterclasses and various educational programs. The doors of this house have always been open to guests, ensuring that no one leaves without experiencing a warm welcome.

To carry forward these cherished traditions, an art café was established, offering forgotten dishes from the national cuisine. Cuisine, being a vital component of culture, was given prominence. The café also shares some of Aguletsi's family recipes, enhancing the overall cultural experience. The "Aguletsi" House-Museum and Art Café seamlessly blend flavorful culinary delights with enriching spiritual experiences. This unique fusion captivates both local and foreign guests, often evoking sentiments of "experiencing Armenia within these cozy walls."


Monday - Sunday: 12:00-19:00


Schoolchildren: 500 AMD
Students, pensioners: 700  AMD
Adults: 1000  AMD
Foreign citizens: 2000  AMD
Children of foreign citizens: 1000  AMD


Armenian: 2000  AMD (for groups of up to 15 people)
Russian, English: 3000  AMD (for groups of up to 15 people)


All materials are provided by the museum. Prices are indicated for each person (children/adults):

Weaving a tree of life with wheat: 1500  AMD (2500  AMD)
Drawing on a cloth bag: 6000  AMD (7000 AMD)
Pottery: 7000  AMD
Carpet making: 5000  AMD
Game familiarity with rituals: 500  AMD


Gatha making: 1500  AMD (2500  AMD)
Preparation of ritual dough dolls: 1500 drams (2000 drams)
Dolma: 4000  AMD
Vana Mshosh: 3000  AMD
Topik: 3500  AMD
Agulisyan: 4000 AMD
Ghapama: 3500  AMD
Khurjin: 5000  AMD
Armenian bread ''Lavash'' baking (cheese, cucumber, tomato): 3500  AMD (minimum 30 people)


  • Costume Try-On in the museum area: 15,000 AMD per hour (without photographer's service)
  • Professional photographer service is also available at an additional cost.

79 Muratsan Str.
+37455 024 424