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If in the evenings you need to relax, enjoy your favorite drink, forget about household chores, then Yerevan, in addition to its rich cultural life and delicious cuisine, will provide you with a pleasant leisure. Young people's nightlife mostly takes place in bars and pubs, where you can taste delicious local craft beer, wine and soft drinks.

Bars and pubs of Yerevan are located in the small center of the city - on Parpetsi, Pushkin, Saryan, Tumanyan streets, so-called "bars and pubs district", also near the Cascade and on Abovyan street. The objects are close to each other, and you are sure to find a place according to your taste. Foreigners are warmly welcomed everywhere, and each place has an English-language menu.

Pubs and bars in Yerevan are more common than nightclubs. The pubs are cozy, lively and crowded. In Yerevan they are safe. By the way, smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of the capital. They are open all night with quality music from various local and international DJs.

It's easy to get into the "bars and pubs area" but hard to leave. We wish you a pleasant time!

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Hot Pub

144/3 Verin Antarain Str.
+37443 800 800

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The Beatles Pub Yerevan

60 Pushkin Str.
+37441 522 023; +37410 522 023

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Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar

56a Pushkin st.
+37495 359 229

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Hemingway's Pub

1a Al. Tamanyan str.
+374 98 349 882

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Paparazzi Club

89 V. Teryan st.
+37455 444 144

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Friend's Pub

14 Sayat-Nova ave.
+37499 066 900



Armenian dolma in grape leaves

Dolma is an ancient dish. The Urartian word "toli" means a grape leaf, hence the Armenian name for the dish "tolma" or "dolma". The dish is found in different national cuisines, and each has its own options for making dolma. Armenian dolma (rolls) in grape leaves is mainly prepared on the basis of rice or cereals and boiled minced meat (beef, lamb and / or pork) stuffed in the leaves.
This is one of the most popular family dishes in Armenia, no table will be truly festive without dolma. Usually the dish is served with yogurt and chopped garlic.

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Pahest 33 Bar

29/4 Moskovyan st.
+37444 999 959

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Minas Cocktail Room

40 Al. Pushkin st.
+37411 995 599

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Soviet Club

37/5 Sebastia st.
+37444 019 900

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Bak 75

18 Kh. Abovyan st.
+37433 757 506

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Stop Club

37 Moskovyan st.
+37412 560 780

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Lift Rooftop Bar

12/6 Al. Manukyan st.
+37455 044 044



Armenian brandy

Armenian brandy, or cognac as it’s called by locals, is made from selected grapes that are grown in the Ararat Valley. This strong alcoholic beverage is historically famous all over the world for its high quality, incredible flavor, and best traditions. The beverage is classified into three categories depending on the method and time of aging: ordinary, collection, and vintage. The most expensive collections of cognacs are the ones produced by vintage cognacs, additionally aged for at least three years in oak barrels. For collection cognacs, the names of vintage cognacs are preserved.

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The Bird Cage

10 Kh. Abovyan st.
+37499 992 052

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Jellyfish Yerevan

34 I. Gasparyan st.
+37444 495 000

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Phoenīx Bar

64/2 Barbyus st.
+37444 004 888

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Tom Collins Pub

31 Al. Pushkin str.
+37455 743 252

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Liberty Pub

36 Mashtots ave.
+37455 252 555

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Face Pub

38 Tumanyan str.
+37444 030 210

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Barcode Pub

24 Mashtots ave.
+37477 189 002

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Jack's Pub

21 Gevorg Kochar str.
+37496 808 408

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Yankee Pub

3 Sayat-Nova ave.
+37410 522 511

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26 Irish Pub

26 Parpetsi str.
+37477 822 023

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The Kond House

46 Leo str.
+37491 013 801

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Simona Bar

80 Aram Str.
+37495 426 619

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28 Khorenatsi str.
+37412 500 001

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Compote Bar and Grill Garden

38/1 Zarobyan str.
+37441 381 381

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Stoyka Pub

48 Nalbandyan str.
+37493 301 199

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EVN Café & Drink House

3/1 Abovyan str.
+37455 918 181

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Seeds Pub & Eatery

12 Parpetsi str.
+37412 733 037

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VEREV Rooftop

9 Grigor Lusavorich str.
+37477 889 889

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The Venue

1/1 Marshal Baghramyan ave.
+37493 911 193

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Bamboo Rooftop

2/2 Azatutyan ave.
+37441 212 102

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In Vino EVN

6 Saryan Str.
+37410 521 931

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Cloud 7 Rooftop Republic Square

2 Amiryan str.
+37443 587 000

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Mamba Yerevan

3/1 Abovyan str.
+37455 347 347

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Rush Pub

7/2 Mashtots Ave.
+37493 957 547

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77 Pub

48 Nalbandyan Str.
+37498 191 927

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Aperitivo Yerevan

1/3 Tamanyan Str.
+37455 586 584

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Black Angus

2/5 Abovyan Str.
+37496 508 040

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Armhookah Lounge Bar

6 Northern Ave.
+37477 190 000

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Wild West Pub

37 Mashtots Ave.
+37491 159 545