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Church of Holy Martyrs of Davitashen

The Church of Holy Martyrs of Davitashen has been built nearby the bridge of Davitashen. The construction of the church started in 1996-1997, thanks to the sponsorship of Rouben Kevorkian. The Ceremony of Blessing of the foundation of the Church was performed by His Holiness Karekin I Catholicos, of blessed memory, on July 31, 1996. The First Divine Liturgy was celebrated on April 6, 2003, on the Sunday of Advent, by Rev. Fr. Khoren Maroukian, who up to date continues his spiritual service in the Church. The Church of Holy Martyrs is dedicated to the memory of the Armenian soldiers martyred for the sake of faith and Motherland. Benefactor Rouben Kevorkian considers the debt of his soul to perpetuate the memory of the martyred soldiers and communicate with God in the church and pray for the peace of souls of the martyred soldiers. Author of the project of the church is Levon Umedian. The church has a dome, it is built of grey tuf stone, the floor, the altar, and the basin of the church are made of marble. The engraved wooden door is prepared by Panossian. The parish council functioning under the auspices of the Church realizes various humanitarian projects, including visits to the elderly house, orphanage, pilgrimages. Also, a Youth Society functions under the auspices of the church.

12 Sasna Tsrer str.,