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Lover's Park

Lovers Park is situated at the crossroads of Marshal Baghramyan Avenue and Demirchyan Street near the “Marshal Baghramyan” metro station (architects S. Knteghtian and A. Zurabyan).

The former name of this park was Pushkin (after a Russian writer). It was renamed Lovers’ Park in 1995. Only in 2005 at the initiative of benefactor Albert Boghossian, The Boghossian Foundations assumed the renovation of the park, which was designed in Japanese landscaping style and with Armenian spirit as many stones were brought from regions of Armenia. In 2008 the Grand Opening of this park took place.

Many cultural events take place in this lovely park, which is popular both among loving couples and Yerevan citizens.

21 Marshal Baghramyan Ave
+37411 966 868