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The Sports and Concert Complex was built on Tsitsernakaberd hill.

Sports and Concert Complex named after Karen Demirchyan is one of the largest concert complexes in Yerevan.

The complex was opened in 1983, but due to a major fire that occurred a year and a half later, it was closed until the end of reconstruction at the end of 1987.

The complex was designed by Armenian architects A. Tarkhanyan, S. Khachikyan, G. Poghosyan and G. Musheghian.

The construction was carried out under the leadership of I. Tsaturyan, A. Azizyan and M. Aharonyan.



Еrivan Khanate ruler Huseyn Ali Khan, erected the town's largest mosque, Geok Jami (Blue Mosque). At the beginning of the 20th century, it was one of seven functioning mosques in Erivan. Restoration of the mosque in 1996-1999 was financed by Iran.


A monument to the victims of the Armenian Genocide was built on Tsitsernakaberd Hill.