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Armenian television started its first broadcast.

Armenia Public Television dates back to September 5, 1955, when the USSR Council of Ministers made the decision to construct 27 programs centers and five transmission stations in the Union Republics.

On November 29, 1956, the date of Sovietization of Armenia, the first program of Armenian television was transmitted. With the beautiful voice of Nara Shlepchyan, the Public Television was launched.

The official opening of the Armenian television took place on February 9, 1957, as regular programs began to air. Later that year on August 6, 1957, the first news program was transmitted, titled the News of the Week. At first the news program was not periodical, but by February, 1958, the news program became periodical, which resulted in the creation of the news editorial office.



Erivan officially received the status of a town and the construction of Tairov's Wine and Brandy Factory began in the place of the Yerevan Fortress.

782 BC

In the southeastern part of the modern capital, King Argishti I founded the fortress town of Erebuni, the capital city of the Van Kingdom (Urartu), "to show the power of the country and to frighten enemies".