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The first Armenian radio station was launched during the years of the First Republic, on September 25, 1919.

Radio was established in Armenia on September 25,  1919, when a Marconi-type radio station was bought in Tbilisi and moved to Yerevan. It was called "Strong Radio Station of Yerevan" and was located in the building of Yerevan railway station.

In 1925, it was decided to establish a national radio station in Yerevan, and the staff of the "Strong Radio Station" moved to a new radio station.

In 1926, the first 25-minute experimental radio program was transmitted from the Railway station.

Only in 1927, the Armenian Republican Radio started to broadcast its programs on a regular basis.

In 1926 the Post-Telecom Committee provided 700 rubles for radio station development and it moved to the fourth floor of the Intourist Hotel (currently  "Yerevan Grand Hotel").

The first live radio report was broadcasted in 1934 from Lenin Square (currently Republic Square). The 1950s were marked by the commissioning of the Radio station which was equipped with modern apparatus.

Not all the ideas of the architect Hovhannes Margaryan came true. According to the preliminary plan, a three-tiered tower with a spire was supposed to stand in front of the Radio station. However, the tower and the spire were considered "redundant" and were not built.

In the 1950s radio broadcasts began to include music.

In 1956 Armenian television launched transmissions. Television took over the best hours of radio and most of the mass audience. However, in the 1990s, after the earthquake, the war-torn Armenian population became an active radio listener again.

Since 2017, about 20,000 records of the Public Radio have been digitized, including radio broadcasts, radio performances, and everything that the 93-year-old Public Radio of Armenia has preserved for many years. 



The construction of Erivan's first town hall began, as did the construction of the city's first theatre.


Armenian television started its first broadcast.