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Alexander Myasnikyan Square

The square after Al. Myasnikyan is located in an important urban development area. By all the general plans of Yerevan beginning from academician Al. Tamanyan, this area was provided for as a square, However, its features have formed within recent years. In 2004 the construction of the building of the Yerevan Municipality was completed and the urban combination of this square was confirmed afterward.

The main principle of the combination is that the building of the Municipality of Yerevan is to be adjacent to the square. Later Moscow House was built opposite the City Hall (2005) and with the development of Myasnikyan square, Yerevan got not only a pretty and modern square but also a new street network with Argishti and Italy streets.

The author of the urban composition of Myasnikyan square is architect Levon Vardanyan who is also the architect of Moscow House. By the way, this square is adjacent to the former area of the Old Yerevan fortress.

The square is completed with the pink granite statue of the Soviet statesman, party and military figure, and literary critic Alexander Myasnikyan. The authors of the sculpture are architect Jim Torosyan and sculptor Ara Shiraz. (1980).

Alexander Myasnikyan square