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Yeghishe Charents

Sculptor: N. Nikoghosyan

Architect: J. Torosyan

Material: Bronze

Year: 1985

The monument to Yeghishe Charents (1897-1937), an Armenian poet, prose writer, translator and classic of Armenian literature, is located in the center of Yerevan, in the Circular Park, in front of the Public Radio House of Armenia, and was erected in 1985.

The monument is made of bronze, the height is 18.5 meters.

The monument is a multifunctional composition, on one side of which there are 40 springs symbolizing the years of Charents' life, and on the other side there is an obelisk depicting an eternal flame, on which the following words from the verse of Charents are engraved:

"I have come from time immemorial, and I am leaving victorious".

Circle park, Sayat-Nova ave.