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On March 23, the "Moscow House" cultural and business center was opened in Yerevan.

The center is a multidisciplinary complex, the purpose of which is a worthy presentation of Russian cultural life in Armenia, in particular Moscow, the creation of a cultural and practical bridge between the two capitals, as well as the restoration, preservation and popularization of the ancient traditions of the Russian language in Armenia.

In the center, visitors have the opportunity to interact with Russian culture and the business world. There are cinemas, concert halls, exhibition halls, conference rooms, libraries, offices, hotels, restaurants and shops.

The center implements various cultural and educational programs, free Russian language courses, various circles, including a lot of work to establish Armenian-Russian cultural and educational ties. Various events are being held.

The center is located on Russia Square, opposite the Yerevan City Hall, on 7 Argishti Street.



Stage coaches, multi-seat carriages pulled by horses and carrying both passengers and mail, began to regularly shuttle from Erivan to Tbilisi and Kutaisi.


Karmir Blur was the capital of the Transcaucasian provinces of the ancient kingdom of Urartu. The whole area was under development. Irrigation canals were dug, artificial storage ponds were created, and Teyshebayini fortress on Karmir Blur (Red Hill) was founded.