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The first line of the Yerevan subway was opened on 7 March.

The first test train passed along the line to mark the anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution - November 7, 1980. On February 24, 1981, on the opening day of the XXVI Congress of the CPSU, the Yerevan Metro was put into operation, and on March 7 of the same year it accepted the first passengers.

Inaugurated on March 7, 1981, the launch section of the first stage, 7.6 km long (of which 1.9 km is the ground part), included 4 stations: "Barekamutyun" (Friendship), "Saralanji" (now "Marshal Baghramyan"), "Yeritasardakan" (Youth) and "Sasuntsi Davit" (David of Sasun). With a delay of several months, in December of the same year, the intermediate station "Lenin Square" was opened (now "Hanrapetutian Hraparak" - Republic Square).

Intermediate station "Hoktemberyan" ("Zoravar Andranik") was built only in construction and opened in 1989.



Diana Abgar park was put into operation after reconstruction in June 2019. It is located in the central part of Mashtots Avenue.


Yerevan's first publishing house opened. It belonged to Zahariya Gevorkyan.