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In 1887, Nerses Tairyan started producing cognac in Yerevan.

The traditions of brandy production in Armenia were founded in 1887. It was then that the merchant Nerses Tairyan built the first wine and brandy factory in Yerevan. In 1899, the enterprise was transferred to the well-known in Russia partnership "Shustov and sons". At the beginning of the 20th century, the "Shustov and Sons" company received the status of a supplier of Armenian cognac to the court of Nicholas II.

The plant's products have repeatedly been awarded medals at various international exhibitions. Thus, the first Armenian vintage cognac, created by Mkrtich Musinyants in 1902, was presented in France, where it won recognition for its highest quality. In 1907, M. Musinyants was awarded a diploma of cooperation within the framework of the international exhibition-tasting held in Bordeaux.



The opening of the David of Sassoun statue (sculptor Yervand Kochar) took place in the square near the railway station.


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