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The buildings of the Matenadaran, the Covered Market and the National Academy of Sciences were built.

The official body of the Ministry of Culture of the Armenian SSR in the year-end issue of the Soviet Art magazine, published in December 1959, presents an interesting article about the significant buildings that were built and put into operation in Yerevan during the that year.

Based on the source, in 1959 in Yerevan, such buildings were commissioned as, for example, the Matenadaran building, architect Mark Grigoryan, the building of the National Academy of Sciences on Baghramyan Avenue, architect Samvel Safaryan, the building of the Yerevan Dance College (now the Yerevan State Dance College), designed by architect George Tamanyan, son of Alexander Tamanyan, the building of the Covered Market located on Komitas Avenue, architect Grigor Aghababyan.

Besides, according to the publication, Tsereteli Street with its buildings was put into operation that year, architects R. Israelyan and R․ Alaverdyan, as well as residential buildings in Charents and Tumanyan streets - architects H․ Babajanyan, V․ Hyusyan, G․ Sargsyan.



During Ottoman-Persian Wars Yerevan “changed hands” 14 times. Western Armenia fell into the neighboring Ottoman hands, while Eastern Armenia stayed part of Safavid Iran.


Diana Abgar park was put into operation after reconstruction in June 2019. It is located in the central part of Mashtots Avenue.