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Martiros Saryan

Sculptor: L. Tokmajyan

Architect: A. Tarkhanyan

Material: Marble

Height: 6 m

Year: 1986

The statue of Martiros Saryan is located in the center of Yerevan, in Martiros Saryan park, between Zoryan street, Marshal Baghramyan, and Mashtots avenues. The statue was erected in 1986.

Martiros Saryan's autograph is engraved in the left corner of the pedestal. There is an open-air exhibition and sale of various paintings nearby the statue.

Martiros Saryan (1880 - 1972) is one of the greatest world-renowned painters of our time. The painter is considered to be the founder of a modern Armenian national school of painting. The artist's talent was equally manifested in the fields of painting and graphics, he designed stages and illustrated books.

Saryan park