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''Happium'' Museum

A modern museum where entertainment and culture meet.

"Happium" is the only modern art center in Armenia that combines entertainment and a museum experience. Visitors can enjoy fun activities, games, and explore an exhibition of original sculptures all in one place. Each part of the two-story museum carries its own significance.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted with unusually large items that have been transformed into unique decorations. Examples of these items include the "Pink Berry" ice cream, "Tosp" T-shirt, "Coca-Cola" bottle, "iBOLIT mobi" smartphone, "Добрый" juice, ''Royal Armenia'' coffee mug, ''iLusin'' pen and notebooks, and ''Longway'' fries. This theme of oversized objects continues downstairs in the giant's room.

Adjacent to the giant's room is another distinctive hall where the furniture is purposely arranged upside down. Here, visitors can take photos in a normal position and then rotate the resulting picture to appear as if they are hanging from the ceiling of the hall.

On the first floor, there is an anti-stress room along with other fun games and activities. Throughout the museum, characters from famous fairy tales walk around, accompanying guests into a magical world.

"Happium" museum appeals to people of all ages, offering interesting, original, and amusing photo opportunities. It hosts various events and welcomes both individual and group visits. Additionally, the museum is a popular location for wedding photo shoots.

19 Vagharshyan Str.
+37499 538 080