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Grigor Narekatsi

Sculptor: S. Mehrabyan

Architect: A. Smbatyan

Material: Bronze, granite, basalt

Year: 2002

Height: 3.25 m

Width: 2.8 m

Grigor Narekatsi is a medieval Armenian clergyman, Christian theologian, mystic poet, musician and philosopher, founder of the revival of Armenian literature. He is venerated as a saint in the Armenian Apostolic and Catholic Churches and was declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Francis in 2015. In April 2018, his bronze statue was consecrated in the Vatican. In honor of Grigor Narekatsi, the name Narek is one of the most popular in Armenia. 

Grigor Narekatsi was born in 951 in the village of Narek on the southern shores of Lake Van in the province of Rshtunik, Vaspurakan province. Narekatsi was the son of Bishop Khosrov  Andzevatsi.

Of the works of Grigor Narekatsi, the poem "Book of Lamentations", also known as "Narek", is especially famous. The poem is a collection of verse prayers - a prayer book. The genius work of Armenian medieval literature was completed in 1002, it belongs to the number of the greatest artistic values ​​created by mankind. In 2003, by the decision of UNESCO, the 1000th anniversary of the collection was celebrated. The book was perceived as a collection of the most powerful psychiatric and body-healing prayers, worshiped by the Armenian people for centuries. It was considered and is considered a means of healing the soul and body. To this day, people keep it in their bedrooms, put sick people in bed, under pillows, and read passages from the "Book of Lamentations" for the treatment of various diseases.

The architect of the Narekatsi monument turned the 7 basalt slabs placed near the statue into a book, on which parts of the poem "Book of Lamentations" are engraved.

Malatia park, Sebastia str.