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Holidays with children in Yerevan: where to go and what to do?

Plan your vacation with children confidently in Yerevan: it will definitely be interesting!

The atmosphere of Yerevan simply invites you to walk along the cozy streets, go to various cafes and try new delicious dishes and desserts. With your kids you should definitely visit the "Ponchikanots" (donuts) cafe from the local sweets company Grand Candy, which are located throughout the Yerevan. The largest and first cafe of the branch is located at the end of Mashtots Avenue - next to the Matenadaran. Here, little visitors will be able to eat plenty of a variety of sweets, and adults will be happy to remember the taste of the Soviet-era donuts!


Resting in Yerevan with children, we recommend visiting the local zoo. Here you will see representatives of more than three hundred species of fauna.


We advise you to allocate a days for visiting one of the amusement parks in Yerevan. The little ones will certainly enjoy the colorful carousels, and young people will appreciate the variety of playgrounds and dizzying attractions. There are 2 Ferris wheels in the city, one in the recently opened Yerevan Park, the other in the territory of Victory Park.


Children in Yerevan will be delighted with a trip to the water park, there are 2 water parks in the city: summer and indoor.


And if your household wants something unusual, then it's time to go to the Yerevan Children's Railway. The entertainment center was erected on the territory of the old railway station, which is interesting in itself. Like all the pioneer railways of the Soviet Union, the Yerevan one worked with the participation of children and under the supervision of adults. The goal was to get children interested in working on the railroad. Now the territory acts as a recreation area, and the well-preserved station building and several old trains painted in cheerful colors are a great place for taking photos. One of the trains is still operating today, in the warm season you can drive along the Hrazdan Gorge and back. The park also has many other sightseeing places and attractions.


"Yerevan City Tour" sightseeing bus tour on an open-top double-decker bus provides a fantastic mood for both children and you, and allows you to enjoy the charm of Yerevan.


With older children who love speed and thrills, trying the Zip-line is the perfect idea - descent on a steel rope through the air with a lift off the ground. The attraction meets all safety requirements. The length of the airways is 650 m and 870 m. It takes just over 1 minute to get from point A to point B. Such an adventure will not leave anyone indifferent. Zip-line flight takes place over the Hrazdan Gorge. During the descent, unforgettable views of Yerevan open up.


If your children love to ride a skateboard, scooter or bicycle, then the city skate park is a great place to spend time.


Ice skating rinks in sports complexes operate year-round, and in winter you can ride an open-air skating rink in the city center - on Swan Lake, or in the fabulous "Yeraz" Park. Skate rentals and admission are not expensive.


Want to go shopping and at the same time make your child's day fun and entertaining? This can be done in shopping malls of Yerevan! There are several large shopping centers in Yerevan: Dalma Garden Mall, Yerevan Mall, Rio Mall, Rossia Mall, Mega Mall. Each of these malls has a lot of activities together with safe and affordable environment for children. Numerous attractions, a labyrinths, various gaming machines, carousel, video games, trampolines will never let your kid get bored.


Well, well, with all the joys, let's not forget about cultural recreation. We especially recommend visiting the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, where there are many wonderful performances. The list of events can be found in the link.

More activities can be found at this link.

14 January 2022