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Discover Yerevan: Must-Have Apps for an Unforgettable Experience

Experience Yerevan like never before! Download these apps now and embark on a journey of discovery!

Welcome to the vibrant city of Yerevan! Whether you're a local or a visitor, navigating this historic city can be a delight with the right tools in hand. Here are some must-have apps to enhance your Yerevan experience.

Explore Yerevan

  • Visit Yerevan: Discover the best of Yerevan with this comprehensive travel app. Find attractions, restaurants, hotels, and more to plan your perfect trip. Available on iOS and Android.

    • Yerevan Events: Stay updated on the latest concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and local gatherings with this handy app. Available on iOS.
    • Yerevan GUIDE@HAND: Dive deep into Yerevan's rich history and culture with this audio guide and offline map. Explore the city's landmarks and find nearby tourist services effortlessly. Available on iOS and Android.
    • Other Yerevan: Immerse yourself in the virtual museum of Yerevan's cultural and architectural heritage sites. Discover hidden gems and learn about the city's past and present. Available on iOS and Android.
    • AR Trails: Experience adventurous trails infused with AR technology, 3D figures, and captivating media content. Discover city walks, hiking routes, and cultural trips with this innovative app. Available on iOS and Android.
    • HIKEArmenia: Unique biodiversity, ancient history, and unmatched hospitality... Armenia is the world’s next premier hiking destination. HIKEArmenia will help you discover it all.  Available on Android and iOS.

    Getting Around

    • A2B Transport: Simplify your commute in Yerevan with this comprehensive transport app. Find buses, trolleybuses, and microbuses quickly and easily. Available on Android.
    • YerevanRide: Discover the city at your own pace by renting a bike or electric scooter through this convenient app. Whether you're a tourist exploring the streets or a local commuting to work, YerevanRide makes urban mobility a breeze. Available on iOS and Android.
    • GG Taxi: An Armenian taxi service similar to Uber, GG Taxi allows you to easily book a ride, track your driver's location, and pay securely through the app. Enjoy reliable transportation with GG Taxi during your stay in Yerevan. Available on Android and iOS.
    • Yandex Taxi: Another popular option for taxi services in Yerevan, Yandex Taxi offers quick and convenient rides across the city. With a large fleet of vehicles and reliable service, Yandex Taxi is a reliable choice for getting around Yerevan. Available on Android and iOS.
    • MIMO Meta Sharing: A long-awaited bike & scooter sharing platform in Armenia. Choose from hundreds of city bikes & scooters, ride and leave the bike or scooter in the parking zone.  Available on Android and iOS.

    Language and Communication

    • AYOlingo: Learn essential Armenian phrases and improve your communication skills with the AYOlingo app. Impress locals, navigate cultural experiences, and enhance your travel experience with basic language skills. Available on Android and iOS.

    • Barev — Armenian Dating: For those seeking meaningful connections in the vibrant city of Yerevan, consider using Barev Armenian Dating. Connect with Armenians worldwide and foster long-lasting relationships in a safe and authentic environment. Available on iOS and Android.

    Food and Essentials

    • Order food, groceries, alcohol, household essentials, and more with ease using the app. Enjoy Armenian cuisine from the comfort of your accommodation. Available on Android and iOS.

    • Glovo: An app for ordering food, groceries, and gifts from over 240,000 restaurants and stores, with delivery in minutes. Available on Android and iOS.


      • Fast, detailed, and entirely offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation, trusted by over 140 million travelers worldwide.  Available on Android and iOS

      Enhance your Yerevan experience with these essential apps. Download them today and make the most of your time in this beautiful city!

      03 June 2024