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Shengavit settlement is an ancient settlement, an archaeological monument of the Kura Araxes culture. It is located in the southwestern part of the city in the Shengavit region. One of the most important archaeological monuments of Armenia from the Early Bronze Age.


782 BC

In the southeastern part of the modern capital, King Argishti I founded the fortress town of Erebuni, the capital city of the Van Kingdom (Urartu), "to show the power of the country and to frighten enemies".


The Safavid army then laid siege to Yerevan on 15 November. The Persian army of Shah Abbas I conquered the Yerevan fortress after 9 months of siege, whereas the other towns of the Eastern Caucasus surrendered to the Shah with practically no resistance. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians, including residents of Yerevan, were taken captive and sent to Persia.