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108 or 911 Crisis Management Center
If you need emergency medical, police, fire and rescue or anti-terror assistance, dial 108 or 911 toll free.
The numbers are accessible both from landline and mobile phones.
Phone numbers are available 24 hours.

101, 108, 911 Crisis Management Center
102 Police
103 Ambulance
104 Gas emergency service
105 Yerevan Municipality Hot Line

105 telephone number is available to make the ties with population more effective, to get various information and suggestions, to make the opinions, demands and complaints of the citizens, as well as the opinions about the work of separate subdivisions more hearable. The 105 service works on working days from 9 am till 6 pm.

You also need to remember that:
Emergency services does not provide information, they ensure rapid response to an incident. Please do not dial this numbers if you do not need emergency assistance. Do not make trial calls to the emergency numbers. If emergency assistance is not needed, valuable resources that may be needed elsewhere are wasted.