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De Angelo

At ''De Angelo,'' every day starts with a happy breakfast. The restaurant is proud to serve yummy dishes like pancakes, Belgian waffles, and cheese pies. People love coming back for these tasty treats. Besides breakfast, ''De Angelo'' has other good stuff like Brooklyn pizza, homemade pasta, and different burrata dishes.

Imagine being in Yerevan but feeling like you're in a cozy Parisian café at ''De Angelo.'' Smell the fresh pastries, and the friendly staff will offer you wine or coffee. You can sit on the first or second floor for European food with French music, or go to the summer terrace to view the city.

In the evenings, ''De Angelo'' becomes a lively bar. The music changes, the lights get dimmer, and it's a great time to try their special cocktails and relax. It's a cool chance to unwind and enjoy the night's vibe.

31 Pushkin Str.
+37444 448 899