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A story about you | Back to the roots

"EPOS'' is a classic private club for members of ''Beer Academy'' and ''Ethnograph'', as well as people who have passed a special selection. "EPOS'' included within its walls the tips of real national values: architecture, history, military work, mythology, scientific thought, culture; literature, music, and fine arts.

Here, your evenings are guaranteed to be full of bright impressions, delicious and distinctive dishes, creative fabulous drinks, as well as a rich musical palette. "EPOS'' cuisine will be appreciated especially by seafood lovers, and the bar's special herbs and historic cocktails will win over your taste buds.

By scanning the biometric data of the club member, access to "EPOS'' is ensured for him and his guests.

"EPOS'' is also open to tourists with a special visa that can be obtained on the spot.

10 Abovyan Str.
+37433 509 999