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Vardavar lake

Lake Vardavar, originally known as the Sea of Argishti, holds a rich history dating back to its construction in the 8th century BC by Argishti I. Initially created to supply water to the fortress city of Erebuni from the Hrazdan River, the lake's purpose has endured over the centuries. The ancient water system, featuring tufa-made pipes, delivered water from the lake to the base of Erebuni castle.

Throughout its approximately three-thousand-year history, the lake has maintained its size and appearance. In the 16th century, under Persian rule, Mammad Khan, also known as "Tokhmakh" of Yerevan, undertook repairs and reactivation. However, historical records suggest that the lake ceased functioning during the later period of Yerevan's Huseyn Khan.

The Soviet authorities took on the task of renovating the lake in 1975-1985, transforming the surrounding area into a park. Since then, the lake has been sustained by underground water and canals.

In 2011, the park underwent further enhancements and was named Lyon Park, symbolizing the friendship between Yerevan and Lyon. This peaceful and historic site continues to stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of Lake Vardavar.

Lyon park