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Monument dedicated to the Armenian-Arab friendship

The Armenian and Arab Peoples' Friendship Memorial expresses the gratitude of Armenian communities in Arab countries and all Armenians to the Arab world, particularly Syria and the broader Middle East, for their assistance to the survivors of the Genocide. The memorial, located on the shore of Yerevan Lake, consists of three parts: an eagle, a pyramid, and an image of the Syrian territory.

The eagle symbolizes the strength, will, and power of the Armenian people, guarding their past, present, and future. The raised pyramid signifies the rebirth of the Armenian people after the Armenian Genocide. The third part, shaped like a map of Syria, symbolizes the friendship between the Armenian and Arab peoples.

Sculptors: Smbat Mkrtchyan and Rafik Mkrtchyan
Architect: Levon Mkrtchyan.

Yerevan Lake