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Loves - loves me not

Sculptor: Tereza Mirzoyan

Sculptor of copy: Getik Baghdasaryan

Artist: Anush Arakelyan

Material: Bronze

Year: 1967

In 2012, the sculpture "Loves - loves me not" was re-opened on Abovyan Street, one of the favorite works of Yerevan residents of the 60s, destroyed by vandals in 1991. A copy of Teresa Mirzoyan's work was cast in bronze according to her mother's sketches by her daughter. The new version was installed not far from the previous location.

The sculptor depicted a girl in a dress sitting on the grass, thinking whether she is loved or not. Usually, the game "Loves - loves me not" is played with a flower, tearing off its petals one by one. There is no flower in the outstretched hand of the girl, and the sculptor, with his composition, invites passers-by to give the beauty a fresh flower, as a sign of endless hope and inexhaustible love.

Abovyan str.