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Khachatur Abovyan

Sculptor: S. Stepanyan

Architect: G. Tamanyan

Material: Bronze, granite

Year: 1950

The great Armenian writer, pedagogue, Armenologist,  founder of modern Armenian literature Khachatur Abovyan (1809-1848) wrote novels, stories, descriptions, fables, scientific and artistic compositions  ("Leisure entertainment ", "The Turkish girl", "New ascent to the top of Ararat", 1847). The historical novel "Wounds of Armenia" (1841, published in 1858) was a turning point in the new Armenian literature. It was the FIRST novel from which Armenian romanticism originated. 

The statue of Khachatur Abovian was erected in Abovyan Park in 1950. He was the first one among the Armenian writers to have a statue.

Kh. Abovyan square