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A. Khachaturian "Spartacus"

"Spartacus" is a ballet by Aram Khachaturian (1903–1978). The work follows the exploits of Spartacus, the leader of the slave uprising against the Romans known as the Third Servile War, although the ballet's storyline takes considerable liberties with the historical record. The libretto is based on the idea of the struggle for universal freedom.

SPARTACUS: Ruben Muradyan/Honored Artist of RA/
PHRYGIA: Anahit Vasilyan
AEGINA: Mary Hovhannisyan /Honored Artist of RA/
CRASUSS: Militon Kirakosyan

Live music
National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Al. Spendiaryan

54 Tumanyan. Str.
+37433 533 391
5000-20000 AMD