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Fashion shopping in Yerevan. part 1

Armenians, being a small nation, possess a wonderful ability honed over centuries to encapsulate entire philosophies within small details.

Yerevan has recently gained recognition as a city for shopping, offering a variety of unique and stylish products. While there are malls in Yerevan that represent European brands, such as Yerevan Mall, Dalma Mall, Rio Mall, Megamall, etc., the culture of malls is relatively new to the city. Nevertheless, you can find a wide selection of world-famous brands designed for mass production in these malls, including Zara, Massimo Dutti, Desigual, Ecco, etc. The product range is regularly updated in line with the brand stores in European countries. Additionally, various discount systems are in place, including seasonal discounts and those applied to specific collections. However, small Armenian boutiques are becoming increasingly widespread in Yerevan, contributing to the growing competitiveness in the world of high fashion. Armenian designers are crafting unique collections with their own signature and distinctive approaches. Shamshik delicately incorporates national ornaments, skillfully blending costume elements with everyday clothing. In the collections of Armenian designer Shabeeg, even the most ordinary T-shirts acquire an ideology that emphasizes the wearer's uniqueness. If you appreciate handmade and exclusive craftsmanship, Loom will undoubtedly amaze you. For those who adore nature-inspired designs, exploring the collections of nellyserobyan.ns is a must. These brands, along with several other leading Armenian labels, are showcased at the 5 Concept store on Sayat-Nova 5 Street, one of the central parts of the city. Ariga Torosyan, an Armenian designer born and raised in Tehran, is known for creating clothes with hidden meanings. If you prefer a laconic and intellectual style, you'll feel at home with the clothes designed by ruzane. 4tysevenjewelry offers a wide range of accessories that combine clear geometric images with natural stones. And for those looking for extraordinary bags, we gladly recommend Soncess. In general, Yerevan offers a multi-layered fashion shopping experience, with a mix of Armenian designers who have already made a mark in the world of high fashion, as well as vintage boutiques like antarber.vintage. Additionally, you can find Japanese kimonos at hitobito_kimono. If you're interested in Armenian painting and want to experience the colors of Armenia, Artuyt Armenia is the place to explore. They offer scarves based on paintings and collages by Armenian artists. If you are interested in personal and exclusive lingerie, the small lingerie production 'flora._lingerie' promises to keep your preferences a secret. On the other hand, if you're looking for a well-established and renowned brand, then 'Vahan Khachatryan Atelier Haute Couture,' known for collaborating with Dolce & Gabbana, would certainly be a delightful choice. Of course, fashion shopping in Yerevan extends beyond these options. The city is home to numerous small yet captivating boutiques, showcasing the talent of up-and-coming designers. The recently held 'Yerevan Fashion Week' featured participation from over 60 Armenian designers and clothing manufacturers, providing a fantastic opportunity to discover Armenian fashion trends and emerging talents. For more information, you can visit their website, where you may find a complete list of Armenian designers along with samples of their work, allowing you to explore their unique styles. While exploring fashion shopping in Yerevan, we highly recommend paying special attention to accessories. Armenians, being a small nation, possess a wonderful ability honed over centuries to encapsulate entire philosophies within these small details.

26 July 2023